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Our Services


  • general cleaning (vacuuming, mopping, removing trash from the kitchen and bathrooms, removing dust from surfaces in general).

  • kitchen (clean sink and countertops, place the dishes in the dishwasher if it is empty, interior and exterior microwave, clean kitchen, refrigerator, appliances, dishwasher only exterior) clean cabinet doors only exterior).

  • bedroom (make bed and change bedding if the client leaves the bedding on top).

  • bathroom (wash toilets, shower, bathtub and sink, clean counters and mirrors).

extras added to PREMIUM CLEANING SERVICE (dusting ceiling fans, cleaning baseboards, dry vacuuming carpets).

MOVING CLEANING SERVICE (basic and premium cleaning plus cleaning of interior cabinets, interior glass, interior refrigerator).

CLEANING AFTER YOUR PARTY (basic cleaning plus disinfection of all surfaces, organizing, picking up and putting everything in its place, throwing away trash)

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